Fellowship programs / Training courses

A range of training courses are offered with professional certificates.  Each course has different nature and is designed for target trainees of specified qualification. Certain flexibility is allowed to best match the objectives and desired outcomes. Certification will be issued upon completing the full course and satisfactorily demonstrating the required skill and competency. A fee is charged to cover registration and tuition fee, and other operating costs.  Applicant from economically developing country may request for scholarship with partial or full support.  

Application should be submitted at least 2 months ahead of the course starting date to the School of Global Health (SGH) at the Faculty of Medicine via email: school.global.health@chula.md. A supporting letter reflecting the need to attend the course is required from the affiliated institution.  The final candidate selection is based on his/her resume and interview performance.  For successful candidate from abroad, a health certificate and adequate proof of health insurance coverage are required before enrollment.

Successful applicants may choose to stay on campus for convenience. Fully furnished and equipped rooms are available at MDCU dormitory and also at the main campus of Chulalongkorn University at special rates through the arrangement of SGH.  

Please explore the course of your choice and contact SGH for more details.